What We DoOne of the biggest problems worldwide is that one in five children throughout developing nations lack access to schooling. We challenge that status-quo with a movement that empowers two kids at a time.

Education Rocks is found in schools around the U.S. and our team is on the ground in Bali building out a network of kids in need. We help connect them with kids back in the U.S. who care and sign on to sponsor their education. While we began in Bali, our goal is to expand to other developing countries over time.

Here is what the U.S. student sponsors do:

  • Commit to raise $365 to sponsor a year of school for their Bali student.
  • Create their own platform to determine how to raise funds which requires initiative, motivation, creativity, determination, responsibility, and problem solving
  • Develop a close relationship with the student they are sponsoring through ongoing communication (letters, video, etc.).
  • They learn life skills, business skills and nurture relationship skills completing the cycle of giving creating life-long givers.

Education Rocks opens minds, builds self-esteem, establishes confidence and drives personal growth. Kids not only rise to this challenge by bringing their own unique perspective to fulfilling their commitment. The emotional and experiential connection to the difference they are making expands their compassion, empathy and understanding of the world on a global level. Throughout this process, they develop a deep connection with another culture, another country, and a kinship with another kid – all while personally creating positive social change.